I sit here not sure how to start my blog, I have been putting it off for months because evDunham Doorstopery time I sit down, it’s so daunting. So why not start with Doorstops? I have two favorites… I’ve taken the photo here of an apple rush stop that Peter Dunham sells at his decorating shop on N. Almont in West Hollywood (Hollywood at Home), and the other is an over-the-top claw foot with handle from Soane in London. I call it over-the-top not only because of it’s whimsical aesthetics, but by the time you add up the weak exchange rate, shipping and customs, the Soane option is hilariously expensive for us Californians, but what to do. There are people that do it, well, perhaps did it before last fall. Ha ha. I guess we can use anything for a doorstop, but I particularly like these.

The wonderful “Fig Leaf” fabric you see in this photo may be found on Peter Dunham Design’s website or

I am weak for anything apple rush or abaca, which I will write about further down the road.


3 responses to “Doorstops.

  1. Michelle- love the new blog. And, the nice doorstop. I’d like to visit the Peter Dunham shop. I keep reading articles about it, and it sounds great. I think I’d like to live there.

  2. I guess the last apple rush doorstop was sold two days ago so we’re encouraging Peter to go on a very serious mission to Spain to get more. Ha ha.

  3. Thanks for the new blog! I love it. You’re going to have much fun. I’ll check back often. Love,

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