Time Out for Apartment Farming.

Broccoli, Lettuce Head and Baby Lettuce

The first week of January I decided to buy some seeds and seedlings to get a vegetable garden going at my apartment. Luckily, I have a great little yard in front with some preexisting vegetation where I could muscle my way in for some apartment farming.

Lettuces and Broccoli love the cool air. This first photo is what I took in January. I cannot believe how much they’ve grown in six weeks. I took another “after” photo below… I think the baby lettuce (on the far right) is almost ready to be eaten, but I need to look it up in my Western Garden Book to see how long you’re supposed to wait).late february garden

I planted all of my seedlings in pots, as well as a creeping rosemary, mint (I guess mint can take over the garden if not contained), and my one little strawberry plant, which I put by my front door so I can protect the berries from any pests! I scattered my onion bulbs and radish seeds in with my broccoli and lettuces because I’ve been told they grow really fast and radish are the best thing to use when you’re teaching kids how to plant seeds, they are sure to sprout (so how could I go wrong). But when I first heard that, I thought, what kid wants to eat radish? No fun! My veggies are very happy in partial sunlight, although I have noticed that the lettuce heads in the back aren’t as big because they have more shade.

I’ve also included a photo of my strawberry plant just because I think it’s so cstrawberryute and I can’t wait for it to come into fruition (yes, that’s a pun). My strawberry will probably bloom this spring, but I’ve heard that strawberries that fruit in the summer are the best ones to harvest.

I try to water everything once a day, it’s made it easy with the rain in the last few weeks.


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