Best place to stay in Vicenza, Italy (in my opinion)

Now that I am re-grouping and able to catch up with my blog after a very busy 3.5 months as a new shopkeeper, I would like to tell you about one of my favorite places in Italy, Villa Pasini, which is a bed and breakfast run by very talented Cynthia “Cinzia” Rising and her husband, well-known and accomplished Italian architect Aldo Cibic. This is an insider’s track for the “real” lifestyle in Vicenza… most locals live on the scattered hillsides of the town, and Cinzia and Aldo will be able to give you a peek through their viewfinder of how to enjoy this lifestyle… one hint to their quality of life is when they pick cherries off the trees on the hills behind their property to make fresh tarts made with the same crust recipe as Harry’s in Venice (they had a friend who was a pastry chef there), and will tell you the best plaza to hang out in on a Sunday to enjoy people watching, where all of the families meet every week to catch up on the latest. Its a perfect place to stay when you need a break from the tourism in Venice… and they can give you leads on other treasure trove villages in and around the Veneto region. The rooms are in an intimate courtyard behind the converted barn off the main Villa… It’s so tastefully done, warm, and to share the long dining table in the sun room of the Cibic house is such a treat, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Here’s a link to their website:


One response to “Best place to stay in Vicenza, Italy (in my opinion)

  1. That sounds magical!

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