Pottery by Humberto Ruiz

Dated 1999 and signed by local prolific San Francisco artist Humberto Ruiz. Hand-made “opening pinge cone” shape, as described by the artist, who just dropped them off yesterday. They are sold individually. SOLD


3 responses to “Pottery by Humberto Ruiz

  1. I love the sunburst mirror that was in your photo posted on One King Lane website. Are they uniquely scarse? I would love to owe a small one … any hints?

    • Hi Terri! Thank you so much for your inquiry! That mirror is new, I just found it a couple weeks ago, and it’s still available! You can see better photos of it on my site http://www.homme.1stdibs.com and we have a couple photos of it here that might be good for you to see. You can get in touch with us through the email address on our 1stdibs account. Best, Michelle

  2. For hints… these small sunburst mirrors typically go pretty quickly whatever shop they’re in, so it’s always good to keep an eye out and try and grab a good one at a good price when you can.

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