7×7 Magazine “Best of” 2010

“Best Vintage”

Michelle Homme fancies herself “a rolling stone that’s gathered some moss.” Her small eponymous shop in Russian Hill, restored with reclaimed Douglas fir, is layered with an eclectic collection of arts and antiques, sourced exclusively from collectors whom she’s befriended. Homme’s covetable reserve includes works by Milanese fashion photographer Julia Krahn; hats by Homme’s millinery mentor, Yvette Jelfs of Edinburgh; and vintage table linens, candleholders and WWI crampons, repurposed by Cynthia Rising in Vincenza, Italy. 2354 Polk St., 415-400-4299, www.homme.1stdibs.com


2 responses to “7×7 Magazine “Best of” 2010

  1. Very lovely. I used to live in Vicenza, Italy myself. I miss it so much.

  2. Hi Stacey,
    I love that you lived there… what a special place it is. One of my other favorites is Bologna. If you can come in the shop, please say hello!

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