Easter and Christmas Chinese Cactus

Mr. Yiu, a friend to the shop, and of mine since 1998, has an incredible green thumb. A few months ago he gave me a little Christmas Cactus that I considered good feng shui for the shop, and have kept it on a little pedestal in the corner by the window. It bloomed recently and a customer happened to notice this and knew exactly what it was immediately. They aren’t sold on the market and are only accessible when passed on from owner-to-owner. I twisted off a piece of mine and gave it to her so she could dry it out a bit and then stick it in a dirt pot to sprout her own plant. She came in later and asked if I had access to more… I got in touch with Mr. Yiu and he dropped off the most exquisite Easter Cacti, it was hard to take their vibrancy and uniqueness. She ended up buying two large and a small… we have some left, it’s going to be hard not to keep another one for the shop.

Mr. Yiu with his son Peter… Peter’s translating which cactus is which, Christmas or Easter. The Christmas Cactus isn’t sold on the market because it doesn’t bloom until after the holidays come and go, so they are only passed on from owner to owner.

We were so excited about the delivery coming today… our customer met us moments later and was able to meet Mr. Yiu and Peter. Maggie loves Mr. Yiu but always barks at him… not sure why.

Mr. Yiu brought me a special gift from his garden, this beautiful bouquet:

Mr. Yiu explaining that the fuchsia flowers can last for two months if I twist off the flowers when they start to wilt, it will allow the other buds to sprout, and to continue this process for up to two months… I don’t know the name of them, I will have to find out unless someone who reads this knows.

Thank you Mr. Yiu!


8 responses to “Easter and Christmas Chinese Cactus

  1. Beautiful zygo cactus (Schlumbergera truncata). I have a few collections and at the moment they are flowering here in Melbourne (Australia). Here this plants are available in garden nurseries around this time of the year when they are flowering.

    If you are interested to read my blog about this plant please visit:

  2. Very cool, Lois! Thanks for sharing…

    • Hi Michelle, I just looked at the pictures above (the 2nd time) and then I noticed that they were not zygo cactus at all. The stems are rounder and they don’t look like crab claws at all , and the flowers have star shape, so your plants above are actually:
      “Sunrise cacti /Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri”

      Sorry for the mistake…. For a glance these two plants look similar. Zygo cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) has stems that resemble crab claws (it is also called crab claws cactus) and the flowers are iregular tubular in shape.

      While Sunrise cactus has rounder stems and has starry shaped flowers which only open on the day time and close during the night.

  3. Michelle,
    They are very attractive. I want one. Can you sell and ship one to me?
    I would really appreciate it.

  4. I would prefer the small one. I just read Lois blog. Very interesting.

  5. Great! I am off to the nursery for pot, soil and vitamins first thing in the morning.

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