Still Life Photography by Steve Lovi

Lovi was an editorial photographer for Vogue in the 1960’s where he photographed and worked with Twiggy and Dame Miriam Rothschild. He was a teacher of Annie Leibovitz at the Art Institute in San Francisco. His fine art photography that we’re showing is a group of still lives created with his collection of porcelain and flowers collected throughout the gardens of England. He lived in London for over 18 years before landing in San Francisco once again.

The pieces that we have at Homme are styled incredibly; obvious that he hails from the family of Vogue… They look like paintings. We are selling editions of 4 per image. His dye transfer prints are available as well but are close to double that of what we have here in the shop. We will post more images later this week.



4 responses to “Still Life Photography by Steve Lovi

  1. I am trying to find an old print of still life by Steve Lovi

    • I cam hook you up with his sister. Let me know if you’re interested.

      • John Milner

        Yes Michelle H……please hook me up with your sister with reference to an old print of Steve Lovi. Many thanks.

      • In 2016 you said you may be able to hook me up with Steve Lovi’s sister…….i was trying to trace an old faded print that Steve did…it has a code on it of GWA 008….they were Tulips with pottery. The tulips were bred by my great uncle and i would love to have another print that shows the vibrant colours.

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