Some Bossy Unsolicited Tips for the last 10 days of 2015

2. Vitamin D is your friend. Get some sun, but cover your face with sunscreen and a hat, no exceptions. I can’t believe how much it boosts your immune system and well-being it’s serious. 2. Download podcast “Women of the Hour” and listen to it on your device, it’s excellent and makes traffic jams seem like they’re not even there. 3. If you aren’t feeling it with buying gifts for everyone, that’s ok just send them a card and tell them you’re not doing it this year. Basta cosi. 6. Go see some old friends tonight that you’ve known since at least junior high, maybe high school, better if elementary or even preschool. 11. Adopt a pet but only if you know you can feed it raw homemade food and never leave it’s side for more than 1.5  hours (kidding). 11. Buy synthetic fill jackets this year instead of down. For comforters, silk fill is a great alternative. 14. If you’re on the beach or a nature path, if you have two free hands, carry some trash away don’t walk past it.
That’s all.
Love, Homme


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