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Shop window today and the Waterford chandelier

I’ve started blogging more mostly because of my finally caving to the world of the iPhone when I lost my Blackberry about six weeks ago and discovered the WordPress app! It’s awesome and so much fun, so many times I’m out and about and want to write about something and then loose my mojo by the time I’m immersed with work back at my computer.

I took a photo of the shop today, finally with nice weather, a sign, and incredible tables by Tony Duquette I couldn’t resist sharing.


We’ve also finishes putting the Waterford chandelier together… I’ve ordered some super white wax sleeves with no drips to make it feel fresh… It’s so weird to me that Waterford would sell their lights with plastic candle sleeves.



Waterford Chandelier from London

We have this up for sale and realized the same piece is on the cover of Cote Paris November/ December 2010 issue. It’s fantastic!

Italian Tole Chandelier from the 1940’s

We love this light, and can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet. I think it’s a bit lost in the shop with everything we have going on here. We think this would be wonderful in a vacation house or in a little girl’s room. It’s been rewired. Please call us at 415-400-4299 if interested. It’s also viewable here. The photos on my 1stdibs account are horrible… please excuse them, but it gives you all of the dimensions, etc. It has a small tag on it that says “Made in Italy”. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Michelle Homme & Co.

Brass Sputniks

Hi! We have two great sputniks here in the shop. Both are made in California by local tradesmen. If you would like any more information, please inquire within! SOLD

Mid Century Three-way Lamp with German Glass

We found this in Sonoma County and just brought it into the shop on Monday afternoon. It has a three-way switch, a brass frame with wood base and top. SOLD

Just picked up from being wired:

Please take a look at more photos on our 1stdibs account here. This giant light measures 46″ diameter by 37.5″ high. One of our favorite features is the 10″ diameter canopy with an exquisite patina. We found the light stripped of it’s wires and we are not sure what it’s history is, but we love it!! It will fit well in a Wine Country home or up in the mountains. Please inquire within 415 400 4299. SOLD