Easter and Christmas Chinese Cactus

Mr. Yiu, a friend to the shop, and of mine since 1998, has an incredible green thumb. A few months ago he gave me a little Christmas Cactus that I considered good feng shui for the shop, and have kept it on a little pedestal in the corner by the window. It bloomed recently and a customer happened to notice this and knew exactly what it was immediately. They aren’t sold on the market and are only accessible when passed on from owner-to-owner. I twisted off a piece of mine and gave it to her so she could dry it out a bit and then stick it in a dirt pot to sprout her own plant. She came in later and asked if I had access to more… I got in touch with Mr. Yiu and he dropped off the most exquisite Easter Cacti, it was hard to take their vibrancy and uniqueness. She ended up buying two large and a small… we have some left, it’s going to be hard not to keep another one for the shop.

Mr. Yiu with his son Peter… Peter’s translating which cactus is which, Christmas or Easter. The Christmas Cactus isn’t sold on the market because it doesn’t bloom until after the holidays come and go, so they are only passed on from owner to owner.

We were so excited about the delivery coming today… our customer met us moments later and was able to meet Mr. Yiu and Peter. Maggie loves Mr. Yiu but always barks at him… not sure why.

Mr. Yiu brought me a special gift from his garden, this beautiful bouquet:

Mr. Yiu explaining that the fuchsia flowers can last for two months if I twist off the flowers when they start to wilt, it will allow the other buds to sprout, and to continue this process for up to two months… I don’t know the name of them, I will have to find out unless someone who reads this knows.

Thank you Mr. Yiu!


Sister Parish Dog Leash & Collar

Sister Parish fans take note… I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and especially anything about dogs! I’m so happy and thrilled to have a selection of Sister Parish Design’s new home accessories line in the shop… They are based in New York and happened to be in San Francisco today. I’ve known and worked with Susan since very shortly after she and her business partner Libby Cameron resurrected and created a line of fabrics in 2000 designed by her famous grandmother, Sister. They just launched their home accessories collection this past January, which consists of everything from cloth-bound notebooks, blotters, frames, laminated trash bins, trays, ice buckets, matching mommy and daughter aprons, it goes on and on…It’s so exciting.

They’ve made the cutest dog collar and leash, I couldn’t resist posting it… the collar comes in a small dog size and larger size for labs and retrievers. Please let us know if you’re interested, and we can send more information! We will post the rest of our SPD home accessories inventory when we get photos taken tomorrow.


Burmese Silk Pillow Shipment

We’ve just received a group of pillows made from Burmese silk produced by an old colleague in the business who has a wonderful company in New York called Imperio JP.

New Applique Pillows handmade in San Francisco

Hello! We have eleven (11) new applique pillows by Adrian Leong who’s company Stitched and Salvaged is based in San Francisco. They’re $120 each, except for the pillow with the two applique “friends” which takes more time to sew on the pair of figures, that one pillow is $140, more are available.. Here’s a link to the available stock: http://gallery.me.com/michellehomme#100064

New hairpiece by Yvette Jelfs

Dyed purple feathers with black veil detail on black comb. Handmade in the Scotland Borders by Yvette Jelfs. SOLD

Handmade red storage-seat bench from Sonoma County

Carl, a local craftsman in Sonoma County made this really cute red bench. It’s new to the shop and has a great storage seat… it’s priced really well, please email us with questions. All of his pieces are one of a kind, as he is a “green” builder, only makes things from scraps of wood he collects… never buys new lumber. We love Carl! SOLD

Love this White-on-White Chandelier

This cast iron chandelier is one of our favorite things in the shop… It has super white wax sleeves and would look great in a modern or traditional setting. So pretty in a hall, powder room or girl’s room.

Loving this vintage Baker Furniture coffee table

In the spirit of the One King’s Lane sale we have going on right now, we have lowered the price on this great vintage 1960’s coffee table from $2450 to $1950. It’s by Baker Furniture, you can also see it on our 1stdibs account. Please email us if you’re interested in a shipping or delivery quote!

Waterford Chandelier from London

We have this up for sale and realized the same piece is on the cover of Cote Paris November/ December 2010 issue. It’s fantastic!

Special Edition Prints by Jason Florio

We’re selling unlimited edition 8″ x 10″ prints on One King’s Lane for $229 by award-winning photojournalist Jason Florio. Here are some of the images we’re so excited to produce for the sale: