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Handmade red storage-seat bench from Sonoma County

Carl, a local craftsman in Sonoma County made this really cute red bench. It’s new to the shop and has a great storage seat… it’s priced really well, please email us with questions. All of his pieces are one of a kind, as he is a “green” builder, only makes things from scraps of wood he collects… never buys new lumber. We love Carl! SOLD


Loving this vintage Baker Furniture coffee table

In the spirit of the One King’s Lane sale we have going on right now, we have lowered the price on this great vintage 1960’s coffee table from $2450 to $1950. It’s by Baker Furniture, you can also see it on our 1stdibs account. Please email us if you’re interested in a shipping or delivery quote!

Coffee Table with Brass Legs

We just brought this up from our storage unit in LA. We love the legs, and the burl in the patchwork veneer. Vintage 1950’s. SOLD

American Walnut Chest c. 1890’s

We found this chest recently near Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County. Please follow this link for dimensions, detail photos and pricing. Or email us with questions. Thank you! We LOVE this piece… it’s priced really well, and is something you can pass on to the children.