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Shop window today and the Waterford chandelier

I’ve started blogging more mostly because of my finally caving to the world of the iPhone when I lost my Blackberry about six weeks ago and discovered the WordPress app! It’s awesome and so much fun, so many times I’m out and about and want to write about something and then loose my mojo by the time I’m immersed with work back at my computer.

I took a photo of the shop today, finally with nice weather, a sign, and incredible tables by Tony Duquette I couldn’t resist sharing.


We’ve also finishes putting the Waterford chandelier together… I’ve ordered some super white wax sleeves with no drips to make it feel fresh… It’s so weird to me that Waterford would sell their lights with plastic candle sleeves.



Assembling a Waterford crystal chandelier…


Here we go!!! This has been in the back of the shop, it was disassembled in England and I was given the task to put it together and sell… John is here with me today to start the work with me. Dan the electrician may be coming by later to help wire up the arms… We’ll keep you posted. This is just the beginning, we have four more boxes to unpack, crazy!

Phase one completed… We can’t believe we just did this ourselves!


Phase three… We’ve hit a stand-still for the day because the electrician can’t come until tomorrow… We’re so proud of ourselves, it’s so empowering just to take a step back and take the time to figure something out, and we’ve had a great time along the way… This I where we are about 3 plus hours in:


Love this White-on-White Chandelier

This cast iron chandelier is one of our favorite things in the shop… It has super white wax sleeves and would look great in a modern or traditional setting. So pretty in a hall, powder room or girl’s room.

Italian Tole Chandelier from the 1940’s

We love this light, and can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet. I think it’s a bit lost in the shop with everything we have going on here. We think this would be wonderful in a vacation house or in a little girl’s room. It’s been rewired. Please call us at 415-400-4299 if interested. It’s also viewable here. The photos on my 1stdibs account are horrible… please excuse them, but it gives you all of the dimensions, etc. It has a small tag on it that says “Made in Italy”. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Michelle Homme & Co.